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【导语】十月一日是一年一度的国庆节,是祖国母亲的生日。祖国母亲今年69周岁了,因此全国都洋溢着喜庆的气氛 。无忧考网为大家准备了以下内容,欢迎大家阅读。  


  Today is the day of National Day military parade tiananmen square, dad would turn on the TV to watch the news in the morning, half an hour away from the official start of the, I not play online, I play of is, listen to the mother said: "started, started, Jiang Hui quick see!" , mother see I don't respond, come and take me off the computer.

  I like frost dozen of eggplant, listless, sitting in the stagger, 10 o 'clock bell just sound, immediately the salute roar, under President hu jintao announced big parade began, President hu jintao to ride along the way for the sympathy and patrol and delivered a speech, say hello to the armed forces. "Good comrades"! "Comrades hard head good!" "serve the people!" The national flag hand. "Get up, do not wish to do the slave's people..." The, red flag, national anthem, the five-star red flag blowing in the wind in the air. Mummy cry, why, why, when people happy mother crying? I asked my mother. "Because our country, regard us as foreigners before the sick man of Asia, this just 60 years, China is now the status of rising position in the world, the Chinese people really stood up!"

  We are flowers of the motherland, so we should cherish the time, the future of China to create better, make the future of the motherland has more brilliant!





  Today is the birthday of the 69 - year - old mother, here, I first to the selfless dedication of the mother say: "you were laborious!

  Today, in this autumn, we also put on the festive costumes, putian city to celebrate the coming of the birthday.

  Early in the morning when the sun rises at the moment, in front of the municipal people's square, flags, balloons dancing in the breeze the cheerful dance: sometimes, before and after shaking; From time to time, swinging... More than 2000 people gathered on the square, waiting the solemn moment. "Ode to the motherland" the beautiful melody, the people's liberation army hands with the bright red five-star red flag, with the pace of due to the flagpole out of. In the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag rising. In the solemn moment, he reminded me once learned of the text (founding ceremony) chairman MAO personally when the first five-star red flag, and busy at that time.

  The arrival of National Day, broke the peace of putian city in the past. There is a straight in the middle of the city is spacious and clean streets, from the east west, connected to the west street, walking street into a straight line, into a "one" glyph. Standing on both sides of the streets and roads and buildings, stores, clothing store, fruit store... A shop doorway filled with neon lights: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple... Colorful, dazzling, overwhelmed. The car on the streets and roads in the Mercedes, like the waves in the Yangtze river. Pedestrian street, people mountain people sea, a variety of people coming and going, flow...

  Putian's managed is not exceptional also, there are many children in the home long led by sitting quietly on the carpet, attentively watching the books. The scene, if at that time I have the camera, will put the touching scenes as down.

  Dear friends, we are in the 21st century, the rising sun of the motherland, the motherland a dazzling stars on the earth, is the hope of the motherland, is the pride of the nation, to the motherland tomorrow will be better, we should strive, make a greater contribution for our country in the future.








  The National Day that day, the air crisp, the square every lamppost hang flags, the first tree hanging from the lights, the square is dressed up more colorful. In the morning, in every corner of the square has been full of singing away.

  On one side of the square, why so busy? Oh, here is a big stage, the stage a few graceful actor in singing and dancing. Whenever the stage after a performance, the audience's applause like flowing water continuously.

  Look at the other side of the square, why more lively? Oh, there are many people in the activity! You see, the old people in exercise done of passion; Young people in the following table, singing, chat while walking, and the... Can be taken; The children like fish into the water, happy to play the game...

  I like the National Day, I prefer the noisy, vibrant scene National Day!